Wednesday, December 10, 2008

15 minutes of Fame!

What was important on my blog yesterday? One picture says it all (left). I created the image using Wordle and the RSS from my blog. Wordle generates "word clouds" from text, blogs or social bookmarks. Mine was a response about my beliefs about all students, so students is predominate in the image. Great way to analyze text.

Andy Warhol coined the phrase "15 minutes of fame" and I had mine yesterday. Because I responded to the "3 things I believe about all students", Vicki Davis mentioned my posting on her blog!!!!! I have been visiting her website for a year or so - she is doing so many neat things with her students - and I think she's awesome - so it is just way too cool to be mentioned on her blog!
It is somewhat risky to post your words for the world to see. What if I'm wrong? What if someone disagrees with me? As I said before, I've been inspired to try to use this blog for my own professional learning I will continue! Days like yesterday inspire me!

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Mrs. P said...

It does seem risky and a little scary to put words and thoughts out in the public. I am trying to blog and comment more regularly, hoping that I will get used to it and maybe lose some of the apprehension I feel. But maybe sometimes we can learn more or learn better when people disagree with our thoughts and ideas? Or at least maybe understand a different viewpoint.