Monday, December 1, 2008

Sometimes imagination is not big enough!

I have created several blogs...just never felt I had a whole lot to say that anyone would care about! but, I've been challenged by David Warlick at techLEARNING's Southwest TechForum to build my own PLN, which includes blogging, so here goes...

Twenty-six years ago today I became a mother. Never could I have imagined all the joys that would bring, and especially not the one to the right - my granddaughter! Getting to experience the world again through this child's eyes is a delight too great to explain!

At work today, I am looking at information related to preparing our students to have the technology skills they will need to be ready for their future. That is also my granddaughter's future, so it is with both a professional and personal interest that I read and absorb that information and try to imagine what her world, and that of our students, will hold.

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Cindy B. said...

Is that a ponytail that I see????